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Friday, March 16, 2012

Introducing my super fantastic awesome SISTER!

Hello! I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my fantastic sister! She currently has her own blog @ waughtivebeenupto. We have both had a hard time posting as frequently as we want to. And it often seems when one of us is posting a lot the other isn't. So we have decided to blog together! She is going to leave her blog and join mine. I am super excited about this! We should have just done it from the beginning. We haven't always shared a lot of the same interests however recently it seems we have ALL of the same interests! So blogging together and doing more projects together is going to be really fun. I am hoping it also keeps us motivated to get a lot of projects done. We will be signing the end of our posts so you can keep us straight.

I am also hoping to get an "about us" tab up soon so we can both have a profile posted about ourselves. I am also working on adding a buttons to follow both of us on pinterest. Coming soon I promise!!

One of the blogs that we are both inspired by is eighteen25. It is managed by three sisters and we think they are pretty great!

I hope you enjoy having my sister around here! I know I will. She is pretty awesome. =)Thanks for stopping by!!

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