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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Starburst mirror update!

Hi. I cant believe it has been so long since i posted! Ahh I totally missed November! I have been really busy with making dinosaur hoodies. I should be back to posting a little more now that I am caught up on holiday orders.

We bought a new couch this week so I am working on updating our living room.We are also expecting some guests tomorrow for an early Christmas celebration!  I have my first pie in the oven right now! I decided to go with pumpkin because it is my favorite and I already had all the ingredients. I am making fajitas for dinner tomorrow which is also one of my favorites! I hope to post about that this coming week with some new recipes.

I needed a piece of artwork or something to hang above our new couch so I decided to move the starburst mirror I made from the back porch. I also updated it by adding more little mirrors to it. I love the way it sparkles with the christmas tree in lit! ( I couldn't really get a good picture to do it justice but it really brings a lot of light into the room.) You may remember seeing it before in this post.  

I have a few other projects I want to complete for this room. I am hoping to make dye and stencil the existing white curtains, paint the room grey, stencil an area rug and paint the steamer trunk white. I know that is a lot but that's kind of how my brain works so we will see how it goes!  And I will post updates as I complete projects!
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