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Friday, April 13, 2012

TGIF: Week 4

Hello! Happy Friday! Sorry I missed last week. We have been super busy getting settled into our new house. I have been having a lot of fun getting the house set up and starting on some new projects. I have also been looking in to some projects that will help solve some issues for us at the house.

While looking into what I may want to plant this year I discovered some plants that help propel bugs and more specifically mosquitoes. I found the article on The flowers below are ageratum
 and are very affordable. I plan to put some of these in pots around our patio.


This is citronella which we all know repels mosquitoes. What I did not know is that the plant version can repel them more effectively than the candles. So if I can find it I plan on getting a couple of these too.



In an effort to save money I plan on making some homemade versions of the cleaning products we currently use. I will be making them as I run out of what we already have.

Pinned Image
Homemade Laundry Detergent by budget 101.

Pinned Image
Homemade Fabric Softener by my fantastic Sister!
You can see the how to here.

I had hoped to post more but am having technical difficulties! Have a great weekend!!

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