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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gallery Wall Progress

While I am running a little behind on my March Pinterest Challenge, I have been working on it and have a few pictures to share. This project is taking me longer than expected because I'm trying hard to keep the total cost under $5.00. So far I have spent $0.40 on a ledger sized print. I found several free printables on Pinterest that I loved and am using for now. I have a feeling I will be rotating pictures, free printables, and other things in and out of these frames. We have frames up on one wall in the dining room and on two walls in the hallway; we started small and may add frames in time. Here's what we have so far:

The top frame is two of our pictures and this free printable from I Rock So What. The frame on the bottom left has two photo strips from some photo booth fun at a friend's wedding. I taped the photo strips on a scrap of burlap. For the 'W' frame I printed a 'W' and used an exacto knife to cut it out and make a stencil. Then I simply used a black Sharpie to fill it in on a burlap scrap. My total cost at this dollars! Whoop Whoop.

Does anybody else notice that I didn't use the same effects on these pictures? That is weird...I usually make sure I am consistent. Anyhow...these frames will go on the second hallway wall along with two more 5x7s. I created the Dave Matthews quote print after seeing one on Pinterest. The others were free printables from I Rock So What and Sprik Space. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in the other two frames...I'm still on the hunt for something great. Total cost now...$0.40.

We also hung 4 of the 20x20 frames in a straight row in the dining room. Those frames are empty, but I'm planning to stamp white paper with each of the 4 colors in our dining room rug. I'm going to use some things I've found around the house for the stamping; I got my inspiration from Pinterest and will share those pictures and sources when I finish the project.

The count down continues...2 more days until break!


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