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Monday, October 24, 2011

Finding My Style

The past several years I feel I have lost my sense of fashion or style. Whatever you want to call it at 24 I find my self feeling uncool a little early in life. I think it started when I felt I needed to transition out of juniors into....womens? I find I am not quite ready for womens at this point either....thus the loss of style and sense of confusion. So I have made it my goal to find my style and build up my wardrobe once again. I would love to not have to stress out about what I am going to wear when we go out places! I also am not particularly wealthy at this point in my life either so I took the next two days off work and I am heading to Columbus to do some thrifting with my sister!! (Its 50% off day!) Yay. I am so excited. So here is some pinspiration for my new found adult style!

So with these photos as my inspiration hopefully I will be able to find some awesome stuff! I will report back with my finds! As long as they are good! =)

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